Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working on new material in free time

It's hard to say exactly what to call this blog and the material I post here. These are not really guitar lessons, but they do offer perspective. They are pieces of music written for a specific purpose generally to accent a certain style of playing, but don't directly instruct. They are examples. Examples of my approach to writing, to song structure and technique.

I initially set out with this podcast and blog with the intent to post quantity over quality. Though I have hours upon hours, thousands upon thousands of riffs backlogged, every note of music written thus far for the blog has all been new -- and of course always original. Currently I'm working on some new metal song a bit longer than previous posts, the drums taking the longest to perfect (as always).

But what do you think -- those that consistently follow this blog (you know who you are) -- should I post more frequent, short podcasts with only a riff or two? Or should I continue writing full pieces complete with drums and backing tracks? Not that there can't be quality in quantity, but you can damn well guarantee that the more complete stuff sounds way better.

Being back in school, taking more than a full load, I can only do so much; however, I do want to continue offering free and interesting hard rock material.

So, quality or quantity?

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