Monday, September 20, 2010

First test podcasts are primed and ready.

The first two podcasts are edited and curently being uploaded to my MobileMe server. But it might take a few days before they show up on iTunes because of the review process.
Either way, I'm excited for idea of starting a new creative endeavor that I think will be worthwhile. The video quality and errors in editing aren't all that great, but they can be looked over. However, probably the worst thing on these first episodes is the fact that I had a coldsore that's blaringly noticable and kinda embarrasing. However, the only real time I had to devote toward recording these was while it was still healing, and I wasn't going to wait for it to go away before I could get started.
So, check the first two episodes out, and if you know me, let me know what you think and offer some sugesstions.
I still definately need to focus on better lighting and video quality, and I'm probably going to break down and get a good HD camcorder and a lapel mic, but I think this format will have to do for now...

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