Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting the kinks worked out...

So, I've been recording and editing and testing a few different episodes, trying to get my video editing chops down and the material worked out. So far, I've built a small set and put up a few lights, but even with the "HD" capabilities of the iPhone 4, the video isn't turning out to be of the highest quality. Hell, we're still talking about shooting on a freakin phone, so until we are literally flying around in jets, I'd say we're still pretty far from out glorified idea of the future, regardless of how awesome my phone is (what a pipe-dream those flying jets are, anyways. I'd rather stick to the ground. I mean, wrecking on the ground is arleady bad enough. Now imagine crashing mid-air, then spirling toward the ground and exploding on impact. Not good). But as far as the video and lighting goes, my face is overexposed, being too bright, but I still cant seem to get the rest of the set lit enough to make any of the digital camcorders I have around happy. The sound isn't too bad; at least being an audio buff, I know my way around the mics. I'm recording into Pro Tools for sound processing, then exporting that mixed audio to lay on top of the video that mostly edited in iMovie '09. I'm trying to figure out Final Cut Express. Being that it is a semi-professional software product, you have to be a semi-professional and have the time to learn how to move the mouse around and click the right things -- I feel like I've got cerebral palsy trying to edit in that software. But I digress...

I'm getting there to releasing my first couple of episodes on the Podcast, and I'm looking forward to hearing feedback.

Again, the Podcast is called KillTheMusic, soon to being submitted on iTunes. Along with each video Podcast, where I teach riffs a guitar licks that I've accumulated over the years, there will a corresponding blog post where I post the guitar tabs. Easy enough, huh?

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